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Buena Vista Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

Located in Buena Vista, Colorado with beautiful vistas of the Collegiate Peaks region, we are a full service veterinary clinic providing complete care for all stages of your pet’s life.  We combine the latest veterinary knowledge with sophisticated equipment to provide complete veterinary care with convenient appointment scheduling. 

Your pet’s well being is important to us and we appreciate our clients for entrusting us in their care.


View from clinic front door 



 View of clinic from driveway


Besides being a veterinary clinic, an interest of the clinic is to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment.  We currently have a grid tied wind turbine that generates about 50% of our electrical needs and are considering solar panels as well.  

All glass, metal, papers and cardboard boxes and all plastics that are not contaminated (syringe cases,needle caps, bottles, wrappings, etc.) are recycled here.  Our paper towels are made of 80% recycled paper, business cards are printed on recycled card stock and envelopes/packaging are reused to send items to our clients.  Polystyrene boxes and ice packs are given to the local goat dairy to use for shipping refrigerated products to their customers.  Polystyrene peanuts, packing paper and air packing are given to the local mail and packaging business to use or are recycled.  Instead of disposable paper, we use cotton cloth drapes and wraps that are laundered with environment friendly soap using a low water consumption front load washer and then re-sterilized.  

Information about the wind turbine can be found here.